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Nature of Science - Scientific Method

Explore some of the main terms and concepts about HOW science is done.

experimental group"guinea pigs" -- the real test group in an experiment
observationsomething noted in an experiment or noticed about the world around you
control grouppart of an experiment treated "normally" -- used to compare experimental results
hypothesisuntested idea, an educated guess
theoryidea in science with at least some evidence or observations supporting it, useful in making predictions
direct observationan observation made on something you can see or measure "firsthand"
indirect observationobservation about something you can't see or measure "firsthand" -- you must observe HOW OTHER THINGS ARE AFFECTED
lawidea in science proven correct repeatedly without exception
inferencea conclusion or explanation based on observations made about something
scienctific methodsteps often used in solving problems in science (can be helpful in solving any problem)
experimentused to test a hypothesis
proceduresomething DONE in an experiment
sciencesearch for the true nature of the world and how it works based on our observations of it

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