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HES Tarbuck Chapter 7 Vocabulary [Plate Tectonics]

Matching Plate Tectonics Terms
Tarbuck Earth Science

AsthenosphereA subdivision of the mantle situated below the lithosphere.
Continental drift theoryA theory that originally proposed that the continents are rafted about.
Continental volcanic arcMountains formed in part by igneous activity associated with the subduction of oceanic lithosphere beneath a continent.
Convergent boundaryA boundary in which two plates move together, causing one of the slabs of
Deep-ocean trenchA narrow, elongated depression on the floor of the ocean.
Divergent boundaryA region where the rigid plates are moving apart, typified by the mid-oceanic ridges.
Hot spotA concentration of heat in the mantle capable of producing magma which, in turn, extrudes onto Earth's surface.
lithosphereThe rigid outer layer of the earth, including the crust and upper mantle.
Mid-ocean ridgeA continuous mountainous ridge on the floor of all the major ocean basins
Normal polarityA magnetic field that is the same as that which exists at present.
PaleomagnetismThe permanent magnetization acquired by rock that can be used to determine the location of the magnetic poles and the latitude of the rock at the time it became magnetized.
PangaeaThe proposed supercontinent that 200 million years ago began to break apart and form the present landmasses.
PlateOne of numerous rigid sections of the lithosphere that moves as a unit over the material of the asthenosphere.
Plate tectonicsThe theory that proposes that Earth's outer shell consists of individual plates
Polar wanderingeither the magnetic poles migrated greatly through time or the continents had gradually shifted their positions.
Reverse polarityA magnetic field opposite to that which exists at present
Rift zoneA region of Earth' s crust along which divergence is taking place.
Seafloor spreadingThe process of producing new seafloor between two diverging plates.
Subduction zoneA long, narrow zone where one lithospheric plate descends beneath another.
Transform boundaryA boundary in which two plates slide past one another without creating or
Volcanic island arcA chain of volcanic islands generally located a few hundred kilometers from a trench where active subduction of one oceanic slab beneath another is occurring.

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