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vocabulay for Biology on Mammals

baleenthe bony plates that function to filter food from water in some whales
bicuspida tooth with two points used to shred food
caninea pointed tooth used to grip and tear
cecuma blind sac usually found in the digestive sustem
diaphragma thoracic cavity muscle used in breathing
echolocationa method of navigation similar to sonar in which the sound produced bounces off an object
gestation periodlength of pregnancy
incisorthe chisellike tooth used for biting and cutting
mammary glandone of the milk-secreting glands of mammals
molara flattenned tooth used to grind and crush
omnivorean animal that eats both plants and animals
placentathe organ that nourishes the unborn young of placental mammals
rumenthe storage chamber in the stomach of artiodactyls
therapsidthe reptile group from which mammals evolved
ungulatea hoofed mammal
viviparousreferring to organisms that carry and nourish the young inside the body before birth

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