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History - Unit 2, Chapter 5 - Vocabulary

"The Age of Exploration" Match the words with the definitions.

technologythe tools, machines, and methods used to manufacture things or in other wayss to improve people's lives
navigateto plan and control the course of a ship or aircraft
expeditionan organized journey with a specific purpose, such as exploration
colonya territory under the rule of another country, usually a distant one
Northwest Passagea legendary water route through North America. Europeans in 1500's believed it would lead to China
contagious diseasean illness that tends to spread from one person to another
Italian ExplorerMarco Polo
Portugese ExplorerHenry the Navigator
Spanish ExplorersBalboa, Magellan, Cortes,Coronado and deSoto
French ExplorersVerrazano and Cartier
Dutch ExplorerHudson
English ExplorerDrake

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