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Ecce Romani Ch 09 Vocabulary

hora, -ae, f.hour
ianitor, ianitoris, m.doorkeeper
ianua, -ae, f.door
nemo, neminis, m/ one
alii ... aliisome ... others ....
miser, misera, miserumpoor, unhappy, miserable
nullus, -a, -umno
tuus, tua, tuumyour
secundus, -a, -umsecond
semisomnus, -a, -umhalf asleep
suus, sua, suamher own
discedo, discedereto go away
festino, festinareto hurry
lacrimo, lacrimareto cry, weep
maneo, manereto remain, stay
mitto, mittereto send
promitto, promittereto promise
nescio, nescirenot to know
taceo, tacereto be silent, be quiet
tempto, temptareto try
teneo, tenereto keep, hold
eo, ireto go
abeo, abireto go away, be absent
exeo, exireto go out
Tace! / Tacete!Be quiet!
Vale! / Valete!Goodbye!
mecumwith me
secunda horaat the second hour
vos omnesall of you
O me miserum!Poor me!
noli ... excitare!Don't wake .... up!
nobisto us, for us

Mrs. Granducci

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