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Imperialism in the 1800s

Practice matching key names and terms from the Age of Imperialism in Africa and India.

imperialismcontrol by a strong country over a weaker nation
racismbelief that one race is superior to others
Berlin Conferencemeeting of Europeans in which they agreed to rules for colonizing Africa
ShakaZulu chief who created a large centralized state
BoersDutch colonists in South Africa
Great Trekmigration of Dutch colonists out of South Africa
Boer Warwar between the British and the Boers
paternalismgoverning in a "fatherly" way by providing for needs but not giving rights
assimilationabsorbing colonized people into the culture of the imperialist nation
Melelik IIleader of Ethiopian resistance
sepoyIndian soldier under British command
jewel in the crownterm referring to India as the most valuable of all British colonies
Sepoy Mutinyuprising of Indian soldiers against the British
RajBritish rule over India from 1757 to 1947
colonialismImperialism; act of creating colonies
colonyarea governed by a foreign power
protectoratearea with its own government under the control of a foreign power
sphere of influencearea claimed as the exclusive investment or trading realm of a foreign power
missionariespeople who spread the message of a religion
nationalismloyalty to a nation or group of people

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