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The American Revolution

Use the clues given to find vocabulary words and key terms for the American Revolution.

French and Indian WarBritish want colonists to help pay for this.
The Sugar ActKing George says he has a "sweet" deal for the colonists.
The Stamp ActThis act made the colonists angry and increased the cost of newspapers and other documents.
The Boston MassacreThis was the first act of violence to occur in the city of Boston on March 5, 1770.
Crispus AttucksThe first person to die in the fight for independence.
IndependenceWhat the colonists wanted.
Lexington and ConcordWhere the first shots were fired on April
The Boston Tea PartyThe Sons of Liberty dressed up like Native Americans to go to this party.
blockadeThis kept the ships from leaving the harbor.
Paul RevereRode his horse to warn the colonists that the "British were coming."
Samuel AdamsOriginal founder of the Sons of Liberty.
PatriotsColonists who were against the British.
LoyalistsBelieved that the British were right to try to control the colonists.
tariffA tax on goods brought into the country.
representationThe colonists believed that no one was acting or speaking for them in Parliament.
CongressA meeting of representatives who have the authority to make decisions.
Committees of CorrespondanceA method to get information to all 13 colonies.
Patrick HenryHe said, "give met liberty or give me death!"
MinutemenFighters who could be ready in a minute to fight the British in Massachusetts.
consequencesThis means results.

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