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Kingdom Protista Vocab, Apologia's Biology Module 3

Vocab from Module 3, Kingdom Protista, from Apologia's High School Biology Course Exploring Creation With Biology by Dr. Jay L. Wile and Marilyn F. Durnell.

PseudopodA temporary, foot-like extension of a cell, used for locomotion or engulfing food
NucleusThe region of a eukaryotic cell which contains the DNA
Vacuolea membrane bound "sac" within a cell
EctoplasmThe thin, watery cytoplasm near the plasma membrane of some cells
EndoplasmThe dense cytoplasm found in the interior of many cells
FlagellateA protozoan that propels itself with a flagellum
PellicleA firm, flexible coating outside the plasma membrane
ChloroplastAn organelle containing chlorophyll for photosynthesis
ChlorophyllA pigment necessary for photosynthesis
EyespotA light-sensitive region in certain protozoa
SymbiosisTwo or more organisms of different species living together so that each benefits from the other.
CiliaNumerous short extensions of the plasma membrane used for locomotion
SporeA reproductive cell with a hard, protective coating
PlanktonTiny organisms that float in the water
ZooplanktonTiny floating organisms that are either small animals or protozoa
PhytoplanktonTiny floating photosynthetic organisms, primarily algae
ThallusThe body of a plant-like organism that is not divided into leaves, roots, or stems
CelluloseA substance made of sugars. It is common in the cell walls of many organisms.
HoldfastA special structure used by an organism to anchor itself
Sessile ColonyA colony that uses holdfasts to anchor itself to an object

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