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World War II

Games on the War

Invasion of PolandMarks beginning of war in 1939
ManchuriaInvaded by Japan, US issues Stimson Doctrine
Pearl HarborDec 7, 1941 next day US declares war
Island HoppingAmerican strategy in the Pacific
El AlameinTurning point in Africa
StalingradTurning point in Europe (Russia)
KristallnachtNight of broken glass destroyed Jewish businesses
Non-aggression pactAgreement between Hitler and Stalin in 1939
Munich ConferenceAppeasement
BlitzkriegLightning War-German strategy
StalinSoviet Union
ChurchillGreat Britain
TrumanDropped Atomic bomb
Lend-leaseAid to Britain and France
AxisGermany, Italy, Japan
D-DayAllied landing in Normandy,France
EisenhowerUS General- D-Day
Hiroshima and NagasakiTargets of Atomic Bomb
Manhattan ProjectPrep for atomic bomb
NavajoCodetalkers-Iwo Jima
NiseiAmerican born Japanese
Koramatsu v. USSupreme Court Case states internment camps are constitutional
Nuremberg LawsRestricts undesirables
Nuremberg TrialsNazi War Criminals tried
GenocideSystematic killing of a race
Battle of the BulgeHitler's last ditch effort
Rosie the RiveterWomen work the factories
Tuskegee AirmenAfrican American Unit
Battle of BritainLuftwaffe v. RAF
Bataan Death MarchAmerican prisoners of war in Pacific
Geneva ConventionRules for treatment of prisoners

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