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Science C1 All Kinds of Living Things

4th Grade Houghton Mifflin Discovery Works Science
Unit C Classifying Living Things

amphibianA vertebrate that usually lives in water in the early part of its life; it breathes with gills and then later develops lungs.
birdA vertebrate that has wings, is covered with feathers, and hatches from a hard-shell egg.
exoskeletonA hard outer structure, such as a shell, that protects or supports an animal’s body.
fishA vertebrate that lives in water and has gills used for breathing and fins used for swimming.
gillA feathery structure on each side of a fish’s head that lets the fish breathe underwater.
invertebrateAn animal that does not have a backbone.
mammalA vertebrate, such as a cat, that has hair or fur and feeds its young with milk.
moltTo shed an out covering such as hair, outer skin, horns, or feathers at certain times.
organismA living thing that can be classified as belonging to one of several kingdoms.
reptileA vertebrate, such as a lizard or a crocodile, that has dry scaly skin and lays eggs that have a leathery shell.
vertebraOne of the bones that together make up the backbone.
vertebrateAn animal that has a backbone.

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