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Ancient Egypt - Vocabulary Words

ankhthe Egyptian symbol for life
bathe physical vitality present in a living thing
cartouchean oval frame used to surround the hieroglyphic name of any important person in ancient Egypt
kaa person's spirit or soul
mummya dead body which has been preserved or dried out
obeliska tall, slender, four-sided stone pillar shaped from a single stone
papyrusa water-loving plant that is best known for making paper
pharaohan ancient Egyptian ruler
pyramida triangular building built as Egyptian tomb
sarcophagusa stone coffin
scaraba beetle that was sacred to the ancient Egyptians
sphinxan Egyptian statue having the body of a lion and the head of a man
templea sacred building used for religious purposes
tomba building or room used for burial
Red Seathe sea lying directly east of Egypt
Sahara Desertdry land located in North Africa
siltfine particles of soil
Thebesthe capital of ancient Egypt
Valley of the Kingsan area of desert canyons where many pharaohs were buried
hieroglypha picture used to write something
linena fabric woven from the flax plant that was popular in ancient Egypt
Mediterranean Seathe sea lying directly to the north of Egypt
Nile Riverone of Africa's greatest rivers - which flows into the Mediterranean Sea
oasisa fertile place in a desert that has plants and water
archaeologista person who studies the lives and cultures of ancient peoples
artifactan object which has been made or modified by a human
Cairothe modern capital of Egypt
Cleopatraa famous Egyptian queen
Ramses the Greatone of the most powerful of all pharaohs of ancient Egypt
Tutankhamona young pharaoh who became famous because his tomb was untouched when it was discovered

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