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Ecce Romani Ch 18 Vocabulary

cauda, -ae, f.tail
homo, hominis,, person
legatus, -i, m.envoy
manus, -us, m.hand
viator, viatoris, m.traveler
os, ossis, n.bone
brevis, -is, eshort
fortis, -is, -ebrave, strong
immobilis, -is, -emotionless
incolumnis, -is, -eunhurt, save and sound
obesus, -a, -umfat
omnis, -is, -eall, the whole, every, each
Qualis, -is, -e...?What sort of ....?
agnosco, agnoscereto recognize
doleo, dolereto be sad
olfacio, olfacereto sniff, to smell, to catch the scent of
praecipito, -areto rush
praecurro, -ereto run ahead
fugio, fugereto flee
extendo, extendereto extend
olimonce (upon a time)
niso errounless I am mistaken
Quid agis?How are you?
Mehercule!By Hercules! Goodness me!
vesperiin the evening

Mrs. Granducci

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