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World of Language A-H

Glossary of Terms A-H
This is a list of terms students need to know in English

abbreviation shortened form of a word
action verba word that shows action
adjectivedescribes a noun or a pronoun
adverbdescribes a verb, an adjective or another adverb
anecdotea short story about someone
antonymsopposite words
apostropheshows where a letter or letters are missing
base wordthe simplest form of a word
charactera person, animal, or creature in a story
common noungeneral name for a person, place or thing
complete predicateall of the words telling what the subject does
complete subjectall of the words naming someone or something
compound wordformed from two or more words
compound predicatetwo or more verbs that have the same subject
compound sentencetwo or more simple sentences joined by a conjunction
compound subjecttwo or more simple subjects with the same predicate
conjunctiona word that joins other words
context cluehelps a reader find the meaning of an unkown word
contractiona shortened form of two words
declarative sentencemakes a statement and ends with a period
direct objectreceives the action of the verb
encyclopediareference books in abc order
exaggerationstretching of the truth
exclamatory sentenceexpresses strong feeling
facttrue information that can be checked
future tenseshows an action that will happen in the future
haikua Japanese verse form
helping verbworks with the main verb
homographwords spelled the same, but have different meanings
homophoneswords that sound alike, but have different spellings and meanings

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