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Ecce Romani Ch 23 Vocabulary

lectica, -ae, f.litter
turba, -ae, f.crowd, mob
strepitus, -us, m.noise, clattering
gaudium, -i,
Curia, -ae, f.Senate House
quies, quietis, f.quiet, rest
multitudo, -tudinis, f.crowd
pons, pontis, pontium, m.bridge
murus, -i, m.wall
maximus, -a, -umgreatest, very great
mirus, -a, -umwonderful, marvelous
virilis, -is, -eof manhood
talis, -is, -esuch
stultus, -a, -umstupid, foolish
curro, -ere, cucurri, cursurusto run
descendo, -ere, -cendi, -censurusto come, go down/dlimb down
ago, agere, egi, actusto do, drive, spend, discuss
conduco, -ere, -duxi, -ductusto hire
advenio, -ire, -veni, -venturusto reach, arrive (at)
induo, -ere, indui, indutusto put on
conside, -ere, consedito sit down
stupeo, -ere, stupuito be amazed, gape
facio, -ere, feci, factusto make, do
maneo, -ere, mansi, mansurusto remain, stay
colo, -ere, colui, cultusto cultivate
quiesco, -ere, quievi, quieturusto rest, keep quiet
constituo, -ere, -stitui, -stitutusto decide
pluit, pluere, pluitit rains, is raining
huc illucthis way and that
interdiuduring the day
undiqueon all sides
eothere, to that place
extra + acc.outside
at, conj.but
supra + acc.above
satis temporisenough of time, enough time
redeo, redire, dedi(v)i, rediturusto return, go back
exeo, exire, exi(v)i, exiturusto go out

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