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Island of the Blue Dolphins Unit 1 and 2 Vocabulary

Unit 1 and 2 Vocabulary matching game

Aleutan inhabitant from the Aleutian islands
coralthe calcareous or skeletal deposit produced by polyps
cormorantsa dark-colored web-footed sea bird
mesaflat, elevated land
ravinenarrow, steep sided valley
intruderspeople who enter without an invitation
ornamentsa useful accessory, something that lends beauty
parleyto speak with someone else
leaguesa measure of distance equal to about 3 miles
reefschains or rocks near the surface of the water
befellto happen especially as if by fate
sparinglyto use frugally
duneshills of sand piled up by the wind
peltsanimal skins
skinnedhaving removed the skin from an animal
fleshedto remove flesh from the hide
strewncovered by objects that are scattered around
carcassesbodies of animals
stuntedstopped in growth
barredkept out; blocked
aboundto be present in large numbers or in great quantity
shirkerspeople who avoid duties
portionedsomething divided
abalonesedible rock-clinging mollusks with a flattened shell
plentifulcontaining or yielding enough
decreedcommanded; ordered
henceforthfrom this point on
harvestthe season for gathering in agricultural crops
amplemore than enough
mischiefacton that annoys or irritates
burdenedbeing worried about something
launchto give a start
scanlook through quickly
ponderthink about
steepmaking a large angle with the plane of the horizon
stoutbrave, bold; strong character

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