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French in English

Study words in the English language borrowed from the French.

cuisinea style of cooking
boulevarda broad avenue
rougecosmetics for making the face red
encorea demand for repetition or repeated performance
chandelierlighting fixture suspended from the ceiling
sorbetfruit-flavored ice cream
merinquecooked egg whites
corsagean arrangement of flowers worn as a fashion accesory
chiccool or fashionable
beigea light brown color
caféa coffee shop
fiancésomeone engaged to be married
valeta man's male servant
depota train station
croissantcrescent roll
quicheegg and cheese pie
mayonnaisea dressing made of egg yolks, vegetable oil and vinegar
gourmeta person who understands and appreciates fine food
camouflagedisquise especially in warfare
balleta type of dance
bouqueta bunch of flowers
chauffeura person who drives a car for a living
fonduemelted cheese or chocolate

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