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Describing Matter

Houghton Mifflin Discovery Works Science Grade 4 Unit B Chapter 1 Describing Matter

chemical propertiesA characteristic of a substance that can only be seen when the substance changes and a new substance is formed; describes how matter reacts with other matter.
physical propertiesA characteristic of a material or object that can be seen or measured without changing the material into a new substance.
metric systemA system of measurement in which the number of smaller parts in each unit is based on the number 10 and multiples of 10.
standard unitA unit of measure that everyone agrees to use.
propertyA characteristic that describes matter.
volumeThe amount of space that matter takes up.
densityThe property that describes how much matter is in a given space, or volume.
matterAnything that has mass and takes up space.
massThe amount of matter that something contains.

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