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Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 7

saxum -i n.stone, rock, reef, cliff
sedes is, abode, tomb, shrine, place
sequor - i secutus sumfollow, accompany, seek
servo -are -avi -atussave, guard, keep, rescue, nurse
siwhether, if, in case that
sicthus, so, in this manner
sidus -eris, constellation season, weather, heaven
silva -ae f.forest, woods,
simulat the same time
simul ac (atque)as soon as
socius -i m.comarde, ally
solus -a -umalone, only, lonely
somnus -i m.sleep, dream
sto -are steti statusstand, halt, endure, remain
subunder, close to, in, after
subeo -ire -ivi (ii) itusgo under, bear, approach, enter, arise
sum esse fui futurusto be, exist
superabove, beyond, concerning, about
superus -a -umupper, higher, above, god
supremus -a -umhigest
surgo -ere surrexi surrectusraise, rise, spring up
suus -a -umhis, her, its, their (own)
talis -esuch, of such sort, the following
tandemat length, finally, pray
tantus -a -umso great, so much , so far
tectum -i n.roof, house, home
tellus -uris, land, country
telum -i n.weapon; wound, blow
tempus -oris n.time, occasion, crisis
tendo -ere tetendi, tentusatretch; hasten, strive, aim

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