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Geography World - Earth's Surface / Erosion

terms related to the land and water features on the surface of the earth and the forces of erosion that change the surface

straitnarrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water
tributarystream or river that connects to a larger river
river systema river plus its tributaries
isthmusnarrow piece of land that connects two larger pieces
archipelagoa chain of islands
peninsulaa finger of land that sticks out into the water
elevationheight above sea level
siltsmall particles of rock and soil that are eroded
plateaulandform that is high and relatively flat
erosionthe carrying away of rock and soil
deltaformed by deposition at the mouth of a river
glacierlarge mass of moving ice
fjordsteep sided valley filled with ocean water
morainepile of debris deposited by a glacier
loesssoil deposited by wind erosion
Dust Bowl1930's erosion disaster caused by poor farming techniques and drought
gulfone of many salt water bodies
lakeone of many fresh water bodies
coral reefisland formed by skeletons of living creatures
continental shelfcoastal plain that extends underthe ocean

by Mr. Brad Bowerman - Geography World
Geography World
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