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Geography World - Ecosystems / Biomes

terms related to the world's living ecosystems and biomes

ecosysteman environment, its living and nonliving elements, and how they work together
vegetationplant life
soilmixture of rock particles and decayed plant material
successionchanges in the plantlife of an ecosystem
climax vegetationthe final stage of succession
needleleaf foresttrees which keep their leaves year round
broadleaf foresttrees lose their wide leaves each fall
rain forestwide leafed evergreen trees
savannatall grassland with some trees
prairietall and medium grasslands
steppeshort grassland
adaptplants and animals change to survive
desertecosystem found in arid climates
oasisplace in a desert with fresh water
acid rainpollution mixes with rain water
greenhouse effectleads to global warming
ozone layerprotects us from UV radiation
overfishingdamages oceanic ecosystems
irrigationcan reduce groundwater and add salt to soil
hibernationone way animals adapt to climate

by Mr. Brad Bowerman - Geography World
Geography World
Carbondale, PA

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