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Bio 1A Sci Meth Vocab

Practice scientific method vocabulary by using the matching or flashcard activity.

sciencea truthfinding system based on data
dataobservations and measurements taken by scientists
inferencea logical interpretation based on prior knowledge
hypothesisan educated guess about the problem based on research
controlled experimenthas both an experimental and a control group
manipulated variablethe variable the experimenter chooses to change
responding variablethe variable the experimenter measures
extraneous variablesextra variables that mess up experiments
theorya hypothesis that has been backed by many, many experiments
observationusing 1 or more senses to gather information
quantitative datastandardized measurements
qualitative datanon-standard judgments
problema question asked by a scientist
researchfinding out everything known about a problem
conclusionstates if the hypothesis was supported by the data
spontaneous generationidea that living comes from nonliving stuff
constantsall factors the same in the control & experimental groups

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