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Prehistoric Period

A variety of games to help you learn the key terms for the prehistoric period.

ArchaeologistScientist who excavates, identifies, and studies the remains of ancient culture
SocietyNetwork of people who interact with one another on a regular basis
Pre-historyPeriod before written records
PaleontologistScientist who studies fossils that existed in pre-historic times
CultureBuleprint for living that a group of people develop and pass on to their children
AnthropologistExpert who studies human being, ancient and modern
ArtifactsUncovered tools, jewelry, and other things made by people
NomadsPeople who continually move from place to place
Slash and burnMethod of farming in which trees and grasses are cut and then burned to clear a field
DomesticationTaming of animals
AustralopithecinesFirst humanlike creature to walk upright
Homo HabilisHominid who was the first to use tools
Homo ErectusFirst hominid to use fire, spoken language
NeanderthalOnce thought to be rough and wild, scientists now believe they may have held religious beliefs
Cro-MagnonsEarly humans whose bodies were just like those of modern people
JarmoSite in Iraq where people were farming and raising animals by 7000 BC
Bronze AgeTime when people began using bronze
ZigguratPyramid-shaped monument
Neolithic RevolutionAdvent of agriculture and domestication of animals
CivilizationCulture with advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, writing, and technology

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