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Early Civilizations of Southwest Asia

A variety of games that will help you learn the key terms for the early civilizations of Southwest Asia

SumeriansThis group is believed to have created the first civilization
AkkadiansThis group is considered to have established the first empire
Epic of GilgameshSumerian story that parallels the Biblical story of the flood
Base 60Number system used by the Sumerians
SargonAkkadian king who conquered both nothern and southern Mesopotamia
BabyloniansEmpire established by teh Amorites
HammurabiBabylonian king note for his code of laws
Hammurabi's Code of Laws282 Babylonian laws that dealt with everything that affected the community
HittitesIndo-Europeans who were the first to smelt iron
MinoansResidents of the Crete; they like to Bull Leap
PhoeniciansCivilization whose most lasting contribution was a 20 letter alphabet
HebrewsTheir monotheistic beliefs and culture had a lasting influence on Western Civilization
DavidIsraeli king who united the tribes; established Jerusalem
SolomanIsraeli king who build a great temple
AssyriansFirst civilization to conquer all fo S.W. Asia from Persian Gulf to Mediterranean
AshurbanipalAssyrian king who create a library
NinevehSite of library created by Ashurbanipal
ChaldeansCivilization that defeated the Assyrians and took Babylon as their capital
NebuchadnezzarChaldean king who build the Hanging Gardens
Babylonian CaptivityPeriod during which the Jews were held captive in Babylonia
PersiansIndo-Europeans who created an empire based on tolerance and diplomacy
CyrusPersian king who allowed the Jews to return home
SatrapsPersian governors
King's Eyes and EarsRepresentives of the king who check up on the satraps
ZoroastrianismFounded by Zoraster, a Persian prophet
AvestaMost sacred writing of Zoroastrianism
TorahMost sacred writings of the Judaism

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