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A variety of games that will help you learn the key terms for the ancient Egyptian civilization

Nile RiverMajor river worshipped by the Egyptians as a god
pharaohEgyptian ruler believed to be not only a king, but a god
OsirisEgyptian god who weighted the hearts of the dead
PyramidsTombs where Egyptians kings were buried during the Old Kingdom
MenesEgyptian ruler who united upper and lower Egypt
theocracyType of government in which the ruler is both the religious and political leader
polytheisicOne who believes in many gods
mummificationMethod used by Egyptians to preserve a corpse
hieroglyphicsEgyptian writing system
HyksosRulers of Egypt during the Second Illness
Sea PeopleMysterious people who caused great destruction in Egypt
KushNubian kingdom that embraced many Egyptian ideas and traditions
Valley of the KingsLocations of pharaohs tombs during the New Kingdom
MeroeHome of the Kushite kings during its golden age
maatEgyptian idea of justice, right, truth, and order

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