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Motion Madness

vocabulary words for middle school students dealing with motion and energy.

motiona change in position of an object when compared to a reference point
speedhow fast an object moves from one place to another in a specific amount of time
average speedthe total distance traveled divided by the total time
velocitythe speed and direction of a moving object
accelerationa change in the velocity (speed or direction) of a moving object
forceany push or pull that causes an object to move, or to change its speed or direction of motion
frictiona force that opposes motion
inertiathe resistance of objects to change in their motion
gravitythe force that tends to pull objects towards the center of the earth
massthe amount of matter in an object
weighta measurement of the gravitational force acting on an object
First Law of Motionevery object remains at rest or moves at a constant speed in a straight line unless acted upon by some outside force.
Second Law of Motionthe acceleration of an object is determined by the size of the force acting and the direction in which it acts
Third Law of Motionfor every force there is an equal and opposite force
momentuman object's mass multiplied by its velocity
newtonthe force required to cause 1 kg of mass to accelerate 1 meter per second each second
dragfriction between a solid surface and a liquid or gas is sometimes called this
air resistancefriction between a solid object and air
law of conservation of momentumstates that momentum can be transferred from on object to another but cannot change in total amount

Mary-Beth Petit

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