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Geography World - Ancient Culture

terms related to the development of human culture from early man up to the Industrial Revolution

culturethe total way of life followed by a group of people
cultural borrowingadopting goods or practices form another culture and altering them to fit within your culture
economic systemthe organized way in which a culture decides what and how much will be produced and how it will be distributed
technologytools, methods, and skills used by a culture to produce goods and services
archaeologistscientist who studies past cultures and their artifacts
hunter-gatherersname given to the earliest human cultures
domesticateplants or animals that depend on humans for protection and care
agricultureherding of animals and farming the land
nomadpeople who wander from place to place and have no permanent homes
urbanhaving to do with cities
artisanskilled worker who makes things by hand
scribepeople who made a living by writing letters and business contracts for merchants and other people
colonyterritory, settlement, or country governed by another country
capitalmoney used to start or operate a business
Industrial Revolutionthe change from hand made to machine made goods
habitata particular physical environment in which certain plants and animals grow or live naturally
culture regionan area where people's ways of living are similar
bronzea mixture of copper and tin used to make weapons and household items
Indiansname Columbus gave to the inhabitants of the Americas
steelmetal important in helping the Industrial Revolution to take hold

by Mr. Brad Bowerman - Geography World
Geography World
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