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Anatomy - tissues

epithelial, connective, muscle, nervous

epithelial tissuecovers organs, forms inner lining of body cavities, lines hollow organs
basement membranebase of epithelial cell or layer of cells; connects to underlying tissue
simple squamous epitheliumsingle layer of flattened cells
simple cuboidal epitheliumsingle layer of cube-shaped cells
simple columnar epitheliumsingle layer of elongated cells
pseudostratified columnar epitheliumappears to be many layers, but only one layer of elongated cells
stratified squamous epitheliummany layers, top cells flattened
stratified cuboidal epithelium2-3 layers of cube-shaped cells
stratified columnar epitheliumtop layer of elongated cells, lower layers cube-shaped
transitional epitheliummany layers of cube-shaped and elongated cells; change shape
ligamenttype of dense connective tissue; binds bone to bone
tendontype of dense connective tissue; binds muscle to bone
loose connective tissuebeneath skin & epithelial cells, between muscles
adipose tissuebeneath skin, behind eyeballs, around kidneys, on surface of heart
dense connective tissuetendons, ligaments, dermis
elastic connective tissueconnects parts of spinal column, in walls of arteries and airways
hyaline cartilageends of bones, nose, and rings in walls of respiratory passages
elastic cartilageexternal ear, part of larynx
fibrocartilagebetween bony parts of spinal column, parts of pelvic girdle, knee
bonebones of skeleton, middle ear
bloodwithin blood vessels
fibroblastlarge star-shaped cell; secretes proteins that become fibers
macrophagemotile cell sometimes attached to fibers; clears foreign particles from tissue by phagocytosis
mast celllarge cell, usually located near blood vessel; releases substances that may help prevent clotting
collagenous fiber (white fiber)thick, threadlike fiber of collagen w/ great tensile strength; holds structures together
elastic fiber (yellow fiber)provides elastic quality to parts that stretch
reticular fiberthin fiber of collagen
skeletal musclevoluntary, striated, multinucleate muscle tissue
cardiac muscleinvoluntary, striated, branched muscle tissue
smooth muscleinvoluntary, spindle-shaped, branched muscle tissue
neurontransmits nerve impulses, communicates w/ other neurons, coordinate, integrate, regulate body functions
neuroglial cellssupply nutrients to neurons by connecting them to blood vessels, bind nervous tissue together, phagocytosis

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