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Stage 15 Vocabulary

agmen, agminis, n.column(of people) procession
alius, alia, aliudother, another, else
aqua, aquae, f.water
claudo, claudere, clausito shut, to block
commodus, commoda, commodumconvenient
debeo, debere, debuito owe, to ought
effigies, effigiei, f.image, statue
equus, equi,
etiameven, also
fossa, fossae, f.ditch
fractus, fracta, fractumbroken
honoro, honorare, honoravito honor
impedio, impdire, impedivito delay, to hinder
lectus, lecti, m.couch
litus, litoris, n.seashore
miser, misera, miserummiserable, wretched, sad
nauta, nautae, m.sailor
plaustrum, plaustri, n.wagon, cart
praesum, praeesse, praefuito be in charge of
princeps, principis, m.chief, chieftain
priorfirst, in front of
quiwho, which
redeo, redire, rediito return, to go back
sacerdos, sacerdotis, m.priest
saxum, saxi, n.rock
teneo, tenere, tenuito hold, to own
unda, undae, f.wave
victor, victoris, m.victor, winner
vinco, vincere, vicito win

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