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Poisons in Foods

salmonellosisFood-borne illness caused by the salmonella bacteria: symptoms - vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, fever, headache.
sanitationPractice of personal cleanliness and proper food handling used to inhibit the growth of bacteria in food.
trichinosisA food-related illness caused by a parasite worm most often found in uncooked pork.
virusA group of microscopic infective agents that cause disease.
salmonellaBacteria found in certain raw foods ex: poultry - can cause salmonellosis food poisoning if not destroyed.
perfringens poisoningFood-borne illness caused by a spore-forming bacteria: symptoms - nausea, diarrhea, inflammation of lower digestive tract.
clostridium botulinumBacteria which can produce deadly poisons in improperly processed or stored foods.
bacteriaMicroscopic plants that may cause food-borne illness or food spoilage.
botulismA food-borne disease caused by the poisons produced by bacteria most often found in improperly processed canned foods.
preservativeA substance added to a food product to minimize spoilage.
perishableFoods which are apt to spoil, such as fresh meats, fruits and vegetables.
parasitePlant or animal that lives on/in another plant/animal causing it harm (ex: trichina worm which causes trichinosis in humans.
food-borne illnessAny illness caused by ingestion of food contaminated with poison producing bacteria.
food spoilageFood which is unfit for consumption due to oxidation or contamination by micro-organisms.
moldSurface growth produced on damp or decaying organic matter.
staphylococcus aureusA bacteria commonly found in raw meat, open sores and mucus which can cause disease if transmitted by food handlers.

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