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Certamen: Myth Monsters

Nemean LionHercules' first labor
Hydrawhen you cut off one head, two grew back; killed by Hercules
Medusasnakes for hair, look that turned you to stone, killed by Perseus
Minotaurhalf man, half bull; killed by Theseus
Chimaerapart lion, part goat, part snake; killed by Bellerophon
Pegasusridden by Bellerophon
Cerberusthree headed hound in the underworld
Harpieshad heads of women, bodies of birds, snatched and defiled food
Sirenssea-nymphs whose singing would cause you to leap into the sea
Polyphemuscyclops blinded by Odysseus
Sphinxhead of a woman, body of a lion, would waylay travelers with riddles
Scyllamonster surrounded by dogs' heads who lured sailors to their doom
Charybdismonster/whirlpool who lured sailors to their doom
Chironwisest of the centaurs, half man-half horse
Charonferryman in the underworld across the river Styx

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