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bicameraltwo houses
constituentperson in a legislative district
district we live indistrict 7
number of districts in VA11 districts
franking priviledgesending job related mail w/o paying postage
recesswhen congress is not in session
interest grouppeople with similar viewpoints who work together for that cause
billa proposed law
censustaken every 10 years to determine the population
censureformal disapproval of a Congressman
expulsionremoving a Congressman from office
immunitybenefit of congress, can't get in trouble
president pro-temporein charge of day-to-day business in the Senate
speaker of the houseleader of the house of rep & delegates
party whipsassistants in the house and senate, keep track of how members vote
majority leaderleader of the majority party in the house and senate
minority leaderleader of the minority party in the house and senate
president of the senateVP of the US , head of the Senate
lobbyistspersuade govt officials to support goals of interest groups
general assemblythe VA legislative branch
delegatea member of the General Assembly
gerrymanderingdrawing political boundaries based on an areas political beliefs
sessionwhen Congress meets
seniority systemcongressmen that have served the longest get the best committee assignments
appropriationsbill dealing with money
standing committeecommittees that exists all the time (agriculture, energy)
select committeecommittees for temporary issues
conference committeemembers of the house and senate that work out the details of a bill
expressed powersstated specifcally in the Consitution
implied powersnot stated in the Constitution, they are suggested by the "elastic clause"
impeachprocess of formally accusing the president or Supreme Court justice of a wrongdoing
2 presidents that have been impeachedAndrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
pocket vetoan indirect veto by the President
filibustera tactic for defeating a bill in the Senate (talking)
clotureending a debate in Congress
quorumnumber of Congressmen needed to have a meeting be valid
pigeonholewhen a bill is set aside in a committee and never looked at
voice votevoting by saying "yea" or "nea"
roll call voteeach person announces his vote
precedentan act that may be used as an example

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