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Virginia Geography

Learn about the different regions of Virginia.

Two large bodies of water that border Virginia are the...Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean
Name the five states that border Virginia.Maryland, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia
Virginia can be divided into five...regions
The natural border between the Tidewater and the Piedmont regions of Va. is the...Fall Line
The Fall Line in Virginia is a place where the land rises sharply and...waterfalls prevent travel on the rivers
Another name for the Tidewater region of Virginia is the...Coastal Plain
The word "Piedmont" at the foot of the mountains
The region of Virginia that has flat land and is located near the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay is...Coastal Plain (Tidewater)
The region of Va. that is located east of the Fall Line is...Coastal Plain
The region of Virginia that is part of the Appalachian mountain system and is the source of many rivers is...Blue Ridge Mountains
The region of Virginia that is an area of elevated land that is flat on top and is located in Southwest Va. is the...Appalachian Plateau
The region of Virginia that has rolling hills and is located just west of the Fall Line is...Piedmont
The region of Va. with old, rounded mountains located between the Valley and Ridge and the Piedmont regions is the...Blue Ridge Mts.
The Eastern Shore is separated from the mainland of Va. by the...Chesapeake Bay
The York, James, Rappahannock and Potomac are four major...rivers that flow into the Chesapeake Bay
The region of Va. that is located west of the Blue Ridge Mts. and includes the Great Valley and other Valleys is the...Valley and Ridge

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