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Civil War Terms and People

Reviewing key people and terms of the civil war.

Confederacythe 11 Southern states that separated from the United States and called itself the Confederate States of America
secedeto withdraw formally from membership in an organization, association, or alliance
Unionthe 22 Northern States during the Civil War
Robert E. LeeGeneral of the Confederacy
Jefferson DavisPresident of the Confederate States of America
Stonewall JacksonGeneral of the Confederacy
West PointArmy Academy
Bull Run1st Battle of Civil War
Abraham LincolnPresident of the United States
George B. McClellanUnion General
Ulysses S. GrantUnion General
Tecumseh ShermanUnion General
Harriet TubmanUnderground Railroad
Frederick Douglassabolitionist and orator
MerrimacConferderate ironclad battleship
MonitorUnion ironclad battleship
moderatean individual opposed to extreme views or measures in politics or religion
emancipationa condition of being freed from oppression, bondage or restraint
civil rightsrights belonging to a person because of his or her status as a citizen or as a member of society
drafta call to military service
Mary Livermoreaided sick Union soldiers;established U.S. Sanitary Commission
Maryran Union hospitals
Phoebe Yates Pemberran hospital for Confederacy
Ellen GoodridgeUnion soldier
Amy ClarkCongederate soldier
Mathew BradyCivil War photographer
Phillip Henry SheridanUnion General
George G. MeadeUnion General
Appomattoxplace where Confederacy surrendered

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