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Latin 1B: Stage 15 Derivatives vocab A

Here are a few English derivatives you can review from all of the vocabulary from Stage 15. Do you know any Spanish ones? Tell me and I'll add them.

debtsomething owed, an obligation (debeo=I owe, ought)
effigyan image used in mock hangings (effigies=image)
fracturea break (fractus=broken)
equinelike a horse (e.g., in looks)(equus=horse)
equestrianpertaining to horses or horsemanship (equus= horse)
claustrophobiafear of being shut in (claudere = to block)
sacerdotalpriestly (sacerdos = priest)
aliasanother, often false, name (alius = another, other)
tenaciouspersistent, stubborn (tenere = to hold)
principalchief person at school (princeps = chieftain)
infractiona broken rule (fractus = broken)
fractiona disconnected part of anything (fractus = broken)
tenantsomeone who holds a place for payment/rent (tenere =to hold)
tenablecapable of being held or maintained (like an argument) (tenere = to hold)

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