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Whipping Boy- Vocab.

Match these terms from The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman.

plaguedangerous disease, often causes death
contraryopposite or completely different
defiantlyacting with resistance and opposition
thatchedstraw or leaves used as a roof or covering
exploitsbold unusual acts; daring deeds
parleyconference to discuss
arrogantlyacting proud of oneself; too proud; haughty
fathomget to the bottom of; understand fully
regalkinglike; fit for a king; splendid
trusstie up or fasten
flogwhip very hard; beat with a whip or stick
ruffiana rough, brutal, or cruel person; a bully
gloatgaze intently; stare with pleasure
scholaran educated person
contemplatethink about for a long time; study carefully


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