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What's That Word?

Spelling words for November 27-December 1

coinThrow the ____ in the fountain to make a wish.
soilWe need to use _____ in the pot for the plant to grow.
noiseThe loud _____ scared her.
boyMy mother is going to have a baby _____.
oilBefore our trip, we had ____ and gas put in our car.
toyWhat ____ do you want most of all for Christmas?
spoilWhen you leave food out on the counter it will _____.
pointThe compus needle will always ___ to the north.
boilWe have to ____ the water befor we can cook the pasta.
joinI am going to _____ the girlscouts next year.
joyI like the song, "___ to the world."
foilWe wrapped our left-overs in _____.
areWhat time ___ you going to leave for the play?
giveIt is so much fun to ____ the people we love Christmas presents.
moistThe birthday cake was very _____ and tasty.
destroyThey use dynamite to _______ the old building.
voiceShe screamed so much at the football game that she lost her ______.
royalThe King and the Queen are the head of the ____ family.
choiceMom gave us a _____ for dinner. Burgers or Hotdogs?
loyalThe dog is always ____ to his master.
avoidShe tied to ___ getting called on in class because she wasn't prepared.

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