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Review for Vocabulary Lessons 3 & 4

Review activities for ninth grade vocabulary.

amityfriendship; peaceful relations
chivlarya medieval code of knighthood; a code of honor
citadela fortress overlooking a city
defileto make filthy or dirty
devoutdeeply religious; sincere; earnest
emissarya person ssent on a mission to represent another's interest; an agent
enticeto attract; to tempt
garbclothing; to dress
heraldto announce; to fortell; one who announces things to come
hereditarypassed down by inheritance from an ancestor
medievalbelonging to the Middle Ages; gothic
meditateto think quietly and deeply; to make a plan
omena sign of what will happen in the future
potiona liquid with special powers
prowessbravery; daring strength; unusual skill
questa hunt or search; a journey in search of adventure or a sacred or magical object
retrieveto get again; to recover; to find and bring back
sovereigna ruler; a king; queen; emperor
venerabledeserving respect because of age, dignity, or character
undergoto endure; to experience

Kristen Dinsmore

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