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Ancient History Vocabulary Chapter 1


anthropologistscientist who studies past human or perhuman civilizations; studies bones and fossils of hominids
archeologistscientist who studies life and culture of ancient peoples by excaviating ancient living sites, unearths and studies artifacts
Homo Sapiensperson who thinks, wise man, people who lived from 20,000 years ago to today
Cro-Magnonpeople who lived 40,000 years ago to today. We are their descendants
Neanderthalpeople who lived from 2,000,000 years ago until 40,000 years ago
PaleolithicOld Stone Age, from 2,000,000 years ago to 12,000 BC
MesolithicMiddle Stone Age, from 12,000 - 8,000 BC
NeolithicNew Stone Age, from 8,000 - 5,000 BC
nomada person without a permanent home who moves about constantly in search of food
culturethe ideas, customs, skills, and arts of a given people at a given time
prehistorythe time before recorded history, as learned from archeology
artifactan object made by humans, such as a tool, ornament, weapon, or pottery, that has historical or archeological significance
fossilremains of an animal or plant
bronzereddish-brown metal made by mixing melted copper and tin
technologythe skills and knowledge available to a people
economya system of producing, distributing and consuming wealth to meet people's needs
artisana skilled craftworker
radiocarbon datingtechnique for dating artifacts by measuring the age of once-living material by calculating the amount of radioactive carbon present in it
mytha traditional story that explains natural phenomena, such as the origin of a people
civilizationhighly organized society marked by knowledge of a written language, the arts, sciences and government

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