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Vocabulary Ch. 34

Oxford Latin Course Ch. 34

dubito, dubitareI doubt, hesitate
occido, occidere, occidi, occasumI fall, die; I set (of sun)
despicio, despicere, despexi, despectumI look down on
prospicio, prospicere, prospexi, prospectumI look out at
scio, scire, scivi, scitumI know
age, agitecome on!
oraculum, -i,
latus, lateris, n.side
sacerdos, sacerdotis, m.priest
necesse est (+ inf.)it is necessary to
quot? (indecl.)how many?
situs, -a, -umplaced, sited
anteabefore, previously (adverb)
antequambefore (conjunction)
ne + subjunctivelest, in order not to
ut + subjunctivein order to, to, so that

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