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Chapter 10-Introduction to Plants

nonvascular plantsplant division including mosses and liverworts
frondleaf of a fern
sorispore-producing capsules
rhizoidsrootlike filaments
gametophyteplant stage that produces gametes
prothallussmall, green, heart shaped gametophyte
bogslow lying, spongy wet ground
rhizomeunderground fern stem
mosssimple, rootless plant with leaflike growth in a spiral around a stalk
cellulosecell walls made up of long chains of sugar molecules
sporophyteplant stage that produces spores
cuticlewaxy layer on stems and leaves
pioneer speciesthe first plants to grow in a new environment
liverwortsimple, rootless plant with flattened, leaflike body
carotenoidsred, yellow and orange pigments in chloroplasts
vascular tissuemade of tubelike conducting cells
vascular plantsplants with tubes to conduct fluids
alternation of generationsalternating cycles of producing gametes and spores

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