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Internet and Network

Match the terms with the definitions.

A series of two or more computers electronically connected usually within the same room or building.LAN (Local Area Network)
A network of computers that are electronically connected, such as in a school system, city or country.WAN (Wide Area Network)
A group of connected computers that allows people to share information and peripherals.Network
The largest computer network in the world.Internet
One central computer that stores the files and programs that can be accessed by computers connected to a network.Server
This provides Internet services to any connected user.Internet Service Provider (ISP)
It contains thin strands of glass that carry light instead of electricity.Fiber Optic Cable
The coding used to write and format documents for publishing on the World Wide Web.HyperText Markup Language
A system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a network.Firewall
The first web page the user sees when he enters a web site.Home Page
A collection of electronic pages accessed by using the Internet.World Wide Web
The process of sending and receiving information over a distance, through a telephone system or fiber optic cable.Telecommunications
A document on the World Wide Web that stores textual information, sounds, video, animation, etc. on a specific subject. It has a unique URL (Uniform Resource Locator.)Web Page
Mail sent and received electronically through a computer network.E-Mail
An address for the Internet.URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
A location on the World Wide Web, containing a home page and possibly several other web pages, documents and files.Web Site

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