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Test your knowledge of pages F52-F73 by reviewing these vocabulary terms. Good luck!

synthesizersan electronic device that can produce a wide variety of sounds
amplitudethe ________ of a wave shows its volume, or loudness.
octavea series of eight notes
hertzthe frequency of a sound wave is measured in this unit.
pitchthe highness or lowness of a sound
highmany sound waves per second produce a ________ pitch
lowfew sound waves per second produce a ________ pitch
loudwaves with high amplitudes produce ________ sounds
softwaves with small amplitudes produce _________ sounds
346 miles per secondthe speed of sound in air
900,000the speed of light is about how many times faster than the speed of sound?
temperature and materialtwo conditions that affect the speed of sound
timbrethe quality of a musical note
overtonesevery musical tone is mixed with these fainter tones
wavelengthdistance from one compression to the next
frequencythe number of complete waves producd in a unit of time
troughrepresent rarefactions, or regions of lower air pressure
crestrepresents a compression, or region of higher air pressure
compressionarea where particles have been pushed closer together
rarefactionarea where there are fewer particles than normal
soundform of energy that travels through matter as waves
vacuumunlike light, sound waves CAN NOT travel through this
vibrationback-and-forth movement of matter

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