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Global 10 Vocab. 121-140

Reveiw of NYS Global History Vocabulary Words

modernizationcreation of a stable society capable of producing a high level of goods & services
monarchygobernment headed by a king or queen
monopolytotal control of the market for a particular product by one corporation
monothesimworship of a single god
monsoonseasonal wind; in India, summer= rain; winter hot & dry
mosquemeeting place where Muslims assemble to pray
nationalizeto bring a part of the economy under government control
nationalismfeeling of pride & devotion to one's country
nativismto favor people born in a country over the foreigners living there
natural resourcesa source of wealth rpovided by nature, forests, minerals, oil, water
Neoliticperiod of human culture characterized by the development of a systemof settled agriculture
neutralnot taking part for either side in a dispute
nirvana(Hindu & Buddhist) the ultimate goal in life; condition of wanting nothing
nomadperson who travels in search of food
non-alignmentforeign policy of many developing countries to remanin neutral with respect to positions of the US & USSR
nuclear familyfamily made up of parents, children, & occasionally grandparents
pacifistone who's opposed to war & serving in military
Pan-Africanismmovement whose goal is to create a polically & economically unified Africa
passive resistancenonviolent opposition & refusal to cooperate
patricianmember of the class of wealthy landowners in ancient Rome

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