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Science vocabulary -- Chapter 1C

continental drifttheory of how continents move over Earth's surface
mantlemiddle layer of Earth
faultplace where pieces of the crust move
fossilsremains or traces of past life found in the crust
erosionprocess of moving sediment from one place to another
magmahot, soft rock from the mantle
mass movementdownhill shifting of rock and soil because of gravity
depositionprocess of dropping sediment in a new location
platerigid block of crust and upper-mantle rock
volcanoopening in the crust through which lava flows
corecenter and hottest layer of Earth
crustouter, very thin layer of Earth
Pangea"supercontinent" on Earth millions of years ago
landformphysical feature on Earth's surface
earthquakeshaking of ground from energy release in the crut
weatheringprocess in which soil, sand, and sediment are formed

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