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Science vocabulary -- Chapter 2B

individuala single organism in an environment
populationorganisms of the same kind living in the same environment
communityall the populations of organisms living together in an environment
ecosystemthe animals and plants in an environment along with its physical factors
habitatthe part of the environment where a population lives
nichea population's role in the ecosystem
producerscapture the energy of the sun and change it into living tissue
consumersthese must eat to get the energy they need
food chainshows how consumers in an ecosystem ar connected to one another according to what they eat
decomposersthee break down the tissues of dead organisms
food webshows the relationships between many food chains within a single ecosystem
energy pyramidshows the amount of energy available to pass from one level of a food chain to the next
competitionwhen organisms must share limited resources
symbiosisa long relationship between different kinds of organisms
instincta behavior that an organism inherits
learned behaviora skill that an animal develops to help it survive
endangeredorganisms that have populations so small that they are likely to die out if steps aren't immediately taken to save them
threatenedlikely to become endangered if these organisms are not protected
extinctwhen the last individual of a population dies

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