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abiotican environmental factor not associated with the activities of living organisms
accelerationrate of change in velocity
air resistanceforce of air on moving objects
alleleany of two or more alternate forms of a gene that an organism may have for a particular trait
amplitudein a wave, the maximum absolute variation of the function
asexual reproductiona form of reproduction in which new individuals are formed without the involvement of sex cells
biodiversitvthe existence of a wide range of different species in a given area or specific period of time
bioticfactors in an environment relating to living organisms
calorieunit of energy; the amount of heat needed to raise one gram of water one degree Celsius at standard atmospheric pressure
chemical weatheringthe breakdown of rocks at or near Earths surface as a result of chemical processes
circuita complete path for the flow of current
conductionthe direct transmission of heat through a medium
conservation of energyenergy cannot be created nor destroyed but only changed from one form to another
convectionheat transfer in a gas or liquid by the circulation of currents
crestthe peak or highest point on a wave
crustoutermost layer of Earth
dependent variablefactor being measured or observed in an experiment
depositionthe process by which sediment is carried and left in a certain area
diffractionthe change in direction of a wave caused by traveling through an opening
dominancetendency of certain (dominant) alleles to mask the expression of their corresponding (recessive) alleles
ecosysteman ecological community together with its environment, functloning as a unit
efficiencythe relative effectiveness of a system or device determined by comparing input and output
electromagnetic radiationthe emission and propagation of the entire range of electromagnetic spectrum including: gamma rays, x-ravs, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, microwaves, and radio waves
electrona stable elementary particle that is negatively charged and orbits the nucleus of an atom
entropya measure of randomness or disorder of a closed system
erosiona combination of natural processes in which matenals from Earth's surface are loosened, dissolved, or worn away and transported trom one place to another
fossil fuelsanimal or plant remains used for fuel
frequencythe number of cycles or waves per unit time
genea specific part of a chromosome or sequence of DNA that determines a particular feature or characteristic in an organism
heterozygouscell or organism that has two different alleles for a particular trait

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