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USII.6 Flashcards - Early 20th Century (revised 11/10)

SPEAKEASIES, Where did people illegally drink alcohol during Prohibition?
BOOTLEGGERSWho smuggled illegal alcohol and promoted organized crime?
GREAT MIGRATION NORTH, The migration of African Americans to northern cities in search of jobs during the early 20th century was known as -
GEORGIA O'KEEFFE, Who was an artist known for urban scenes and later, paintings of the Southwest, including flower portraits?
F. SCOTT FITZGERALD, Who wrote novels, including The Great Gatsby, about the Jazz Age of the 1920s?
JOHN STEINBECK, Who wrote Grapes of Wrath, a novel about migrant farmworkers, forced by the Dust Bowl of the 1930's to abandon their farms?
AARON COPLAND & GEORGE GERSHWINWho were two 20th century composers who wrote uniquely American music?
HARLEM RENAISSANCEA movement of African American artists, writers, and musicians based in Harlem was known as the -
JACOB LAWRENCE, Who chronicled in his paintings the experiences of African Americans during the Great Migration north?
LANGSTON HUGHES, Who combined the experiences of his African and American cultural roots in his poetry?
THE WRIGHT BROTHERS, Who invented the airplane?
HENRY FORD, Who was one of the first to use the assembly line to lower production costs and make his product affordable?
ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL, Who invented the telephone?
ELECTRIFICATIONWhat changed American life by providing power for labor-saving products like washing machines, stoves, lighting, and the radio?
People over-speculated on stocks, using borrowed money that they could not repay when stock prices crashed; The Federal Reserve failed to prevent the collapse of the banking system; High tariffs strangled international trade.What were some of the causes of the Great Depression?
THE NEW DEALWhat was the name of FDR's program to help the nation recover from the Great Depression?
FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT, Who proposed the New Deal to help the economy recover from the Great Depression?
Greater mobility; Creation of jobs; Growth of transportation-related industries (road construction, oil, steel, automobile); Movement to suburban areasWhat were some of the results of improved transportation brought about by the affordable automobile?
The increased availability of telephones; the development of the radio; development of movies.What changed communications in the early 20th century?
The radioWhat became a popular source of entertainment and news in the 1920's and 30's?
ProhibitionWhat was an unsuccessful reform that attempted to change how people lived?
Prohibition was imposed by a constitutional amendment that made it illegal to manufacture, transport, and sell alcoholic beverages.What was Prohibition?
Speakeasies; bootleggersWhat were some of the unwanted results of Prohibition?
The movement of African Americans from southern farms to northern cities in search of better jobs.What was the Great Migration north?
Jacob Lawrence (artist); Langston Hughes (poet); Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong (jazz composers); Bessie Smith (blues singer)Name several influential cultural leaders associated with the Harlem Renaissance.
Georgia O'Keeffe (painter); F. Scott Fitzgerald & John Steinbeck (novelists); Aaron Copland and George Gershwin (composers)Name several influential cultural leaders or the 1920's and 1930's who were NOT associated with the Harlem Renaissance.
Bessie SmithWho was a Harlem Renaissance blues singer?
Jobs for African Americans in the South were scarce and low paying; African Americans faced discrimination and violence in the South.What caused the Great Migration north?
Duke Ellington and Louis ArmstrongWho were two jazz composers of the Harlem Renaissance?
A large numbers of banks and businesses failed; One-fourth of workers were without jobs; Large numbers of people were hungry and homeless; Farmers' incomes fell to low levels.What was the impact on Americans of the Great Depression?
Social Security; Federal work programs; Environmental improvement programs; Farm assistance programs; Increased rights for laborWhat were some of the major features of the New Deal?
Government programsWhat kind of programs did FDR use to help the nation recover from the Great Depression?
People over-speculated on stocks, using borrowed money that they could not repayWhat were people doing in the 1920's that caused the stock market to crash?
The Federal ReserveWhat government institution could have prevented the collapse of the banking system during the Great Depression?
High tariffs strangled international trade.How did high tariffs contribute to the Great Depression?

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