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Global 10 Vocab #141-160

Vocabulary words for NYS Global Studies Regents review

partilinealdescribes a family where children trace their family line through their father
peninsulareofficial sent by Spain to rule Spanish colonies in the Americas
per-capitafor each person
perestroikarestructuing of the Soviet economy & society by Michail Gorbachev
philosopheFrench for philospher; during Enlightenment people who believed that using science and reason would lead to human progress
philospherancient Greece; person seeing wisdoma & knowledge through systematic study & logic
plantationlarge estate operated by the owner or overseer & farmed by workers living on it
plebeianmember of class of common people in ancient Rome
pogromviolent raid on a Jewish community, often conducted by government troops
polytheismbelief in many gods
prime ministerhead of the cabinet in parliamentary governments
proletariatworking class
proliferationto grow rapidly
propagandaspread of ideas to further a cause or damage an opposing cause
purdahpractice of secluding women
quotaspart or a share required for each person, group or state
regionalismloyalty to a small geograhpic area
reincarnationrebirth of the soul in another bodily form (in Hinduism & Buddhism)
Renaissanceperiod frm about 1350-1600 where European scholars revived the learning of ancient Greece & Rome
republicsystem of government where citizens who have the right to vote to choose their leaders

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