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Global 10 Vocab #181-195

Vocabulary to review for NYS Global Studies Regents

theocracyform of government where priests serve as kings
Third Worlddeveloping nations that share common economic goals & problems
tithepayment to the Church of 10% of a person's income
topographyphysical features of a region
totalitarian statecountry where the government is a single-party dictatorship that controls every aspect of citizen's lives
totalitarianismpolitical system where the government has a single-party dicatorship & controls every aspect of citizen's lives
tribegroup of related families who have a common ancestor
tribalismloyalty & devotion to one's tribe as opposed to one's nation
tyrannygovernment headed by a single individual who seizes power by force
univesal suffrageright or privilege of voting extended to all
urbanizationquality or state of changing over from rural villages to cities
usuryMiddle Ages; practice of lending $ for interest
welfare statestate in which the government assures responsibility for people's social & economic well-being
westernizationadoption of western ideas & customs by nonwestern nations
zaibatsuwealthy Japanese families who bought the chief industries of the country in 1880s & dominate Japanese economy

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