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Geography Bee

Questions from Category D

Name 3 states with a "panhandle"?Oklahoma, West Virginia, Alaska, Idaho, Texas, Florida
What is a Bay?An inlet from the sea
What is an isthmus?A narrow strip of land that connects 2 larger areas of land
What 3 continents does the Arctic Circle pass through?North America, Europe, Asia
A point of land extending into a body of water is called a...Cape
What country would you call a peninsula: Canada, Italy, or Germany?Italy
What larger island nation is located between Florida and Jamaica?Cuba
Where is the mouth of the Mississippi River located?Gulf of Mexico
Name the 3 large gulfs that are close to the U.S.Gulf of Alaska, Mexico, and California
Name the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River.Great Salt Lake
Name the tributary that flows into the Mississippi River due north of St. Louis.Missouri River
Name the major river that flows from Utah into Arizona.Colorado River
What river is the longest in the world?Nile
Through waht 3 oceans does the equator pass?Atlantic, Pacific, Indian
What river forms the border between Indiana and Kentucky?Ohio
In what state does the Mississippi River begin?Minnesota
Name the large river in southern IdahoSnake
What are the only 2 continents totally north of the equator?North America, Europe
What four states meet at a common corner?Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah
What is the name of the ocean between Africa and Australia?Indian
What natural feature forms Arkansas' eastern border?Mississippi River
The Indian Ocean touches what 4 continents?Asia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica
What 2 countries are north of Mexico and are part of the continent of North America?Canada, United States
What continent is due north of Egypt?Europe
Which 3 states touch California?Oregon, Nevada, Arizona

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